Keeping up with the latest industry trends, we ensure the highest standards for our clients in all phases of our consulting. We customize each approach to meet the framework of the clients’ needs, resulting in the highest productivity and ensuring positive results.


Symbiotic offers turnkey solutions for all production and operation needs for events of any size. Our systems create high productivity through streamlined practices. Additionally, we have extensive relationships with vendors in every region, ensuring the maximum savings for our clients. Specific event services include:

  • Production Management
  • Operations Management
  • Site Management
  • Event Operations
  • Logistical Direction
  • Festival Software Management Systems
  • Event Staffing
  • Event Permitting
  • Artist Relations
  • Sponsorship Activation
  • Security & Safety
  • Budgeting and Reconciliation
  • Box Office & Ticketing
  • Site Map Development
  • Greening Consultation


We work closely with you to determine the artists who best appeal to your event’s demographics and vision. Our talent buyers can oversee and manage contracts, acquisitions, and booking, and by having seasoned working relationships with artists, agencies and management we ensure you get the best deal possible.



Every client and event has a unique marketing objective, which is why our marketing solutions are sculpted to optimize the maximum exposure to specific target demographics. Our goal is to bring your message directly to the consumer through a variety of campaigns: social media, web placement, print and radio promotions, street teams, guerrilla marketing and more. Our graphic designers and marketing team work with clients to create a streamlined brand and voice for consistent and effective event promotion that directly leads to success and growth.



Symbiotic’s sales and sponsorship team has extensive experience in creating well rounded sponsorship packages to help achieve your branding goals. We deliver unique, high-end productions to execute any of our partners’ activation desires. Knowing the value of product placement and how it can directly influence patron’s perspectives and in turn increase your brand’s market awareness, we leave lasting and positive impressions of your brand on the minds of relevant consumer demographics.



Symbiotic has extensive relationships with national production vendors, which ensures the most cutting edge technologies produce our clients’ vision. From audio, staging, light design packages, backline, projection mapping, video, & set design we offer the highest quality gear at the most competitive prices. We pride ourselves on our technical pool of staff and putting together the right team of professionals for each unique event to oversee and execute a full range of production services.



We offer a research team dedicated to finding event sites in each client’s desired region and have seasoned working relationships with property owners across the nation. Symbiotic boasts a strong professional reputation with numerous state and county officials which allows us to provide informed support to our clients. Our years of experience developing required event permits allows for a high level of synchronicity between an event and the site in which it is hosted.



Symbiotic’s staff differentiates themselves by having the ability to hold holistic perspectives, understanding the many departments and details that need to come together at exact timing for an event. Our operations team excels with advancing the logistics and necessary infrastructure needed for every individual project. Symbiotic has great working relationships with operational vendors across the country including fencing, tents, generators, heavy equipment, portable restroom, radio, and signage companies, which guarantees our clients quality infrastructure at a discounted rate.

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